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Colby Jansen with newcomer Girth Brooks

Just in case you don’t remember part one of Captive, here is a quick rundown of the action: While Colby Jansen was literally screwing around with Joey Carter, his (Colby’s) boyfriend was kidnapped and held captive. Colby is searching for his bf when he enters a room and sees someone hard at work late into the night…We don’t see this mystery worker until part two of Captive. This scene starts with Colby saying “fuck” to the man in the office. Then we don’t see Colby Jansen ( ) again. This Drill My Hole newcomer is a young guy named Girth Brooks. Girth is at his desk looking at a card and some pictures of himself in various porn photos that he found on the desk when he entered his office. He is on the phone with someone who is blackmailing him, telling him to pay up some money or the boss will see these photos. Girth hangs up, not knowing what to do. What can he do? Would the boss fire him over these photos?Lost, and worried about being fired, Girth enters the office of his hunky boss, Aaron Bruiser. “Is he going to fire me?”, Girth thinks. From the look on his face, Aaron Bruiser has something else on his mind besides firing this gorgeous male specimen.

Girth sees the look and is immediately draw into the action. The two kiss and head back to the inner office area (which looks like Aaron’s home) and Girth goes down on the boss’ cut cock within seconds. As the two strip off their clothes, Aaron can’t help but check out this young man’s tight little ass, first with his eyes, then with his tongue… lubing and licking it in preparation for what was to come. Being a fair man, Aaron gives Girth’s hard shaft a slow, teasing blow job.Girth likes to be the top man, but, because this is his first scene for, he gets the bottom. Flipped over, his ass gets reamed by his muscled and tattooed boss. Enjoying himself, Girth jerks himself off while being rammed from behind. Soon he is cumming everywhere. Aaron soon follows by releasing his load all over Girth’s chest. Girth does not get fired, he gets a promotion.After this lust filled scene it is back to the story. Girth notices blood on the stairs as he walks up to an apartment. Inside the apartment he finds a blindfolded man. Who is this guy? How did he get in here? And who just came up to the door of the apartment and has a loaded gun pointed at Girth? click here for more Girth Brooks gay sex video !

Rafael Alencar drills Adam Killian gay hole

The most recent scene from “Drill my holes” called “Talk to me right”, stars two sexy hunks from, Rafael Alencar and Adam Killian. These two hunks have been in seventeen movies that this network has, and this hardcore scene is one of a thousand movies this top network has to offer. The network uploads a new movie every day, so that number is increasing at a steady rate.

In this scene we have the everyday typical set-up. It has a story line, a simple scene evolving out of a dialogue that is very well acted out, and then it quickly moves into a hardcore sex scene. Here Rafael is very upset and mad at Adam, so they are arguing about something. Rafael is just about to walk out, when Adam all of a sudden grabs his arm to stop him. The two guys kiss, and from then on we arelost in hardcore heaven. Adam’s cock is already hard and rigid, so it does not take long before Rafael to go down on his cock, sucking it for all it is worth. Adam begins to strip to reveal his muscular tats, his sexy smooth chest, and his very strong legs. Rafael sucks that cock for a very long time, as he to begins to strip out of all his clothes.

The hottest part of this scene is the excellent contrast between Adam Killian smooth body and Rafael’s hairy body, but both of these hunks are muscular, defined, fit, and very strong alpha males, but Rafael takes the first step as he takes bottom role. Soon he was being bent over double as he was taken hard from behind, and all of his anger was shafted out ofhis body by his sexy horny lover. After some pounding against the railings, he proceeds to sit on Adam’s cock, as he bounces in rythem against that rock hard dark cock. He takes the time to turn to the camera so we can see his gorgeous rock hard cock, then turns away so we can watch his manly ass being drilled, but soon after both these hunks become very acrobatic. Rafael is on his back, legs spread wide open, Adam right between them facing away from us, having his hole drilled as Rafael Alencar XXX spreads his ass cheeks just as much as he can, while he slaps them. Totally awesome hot sex if you were to ask me.

Adam pounds Rafael’s hole just as hard and fast as he can for a very long time, so hard in fact you wonder how in the world they manage to hold themselves back. Just as you are about to shoot your own cum off, Rafael is jerking off very fast and furiously, as Adam pulls out of him and dumps his whole load from great height all over Rafael’s balls and all over his legs.

“Talk to me right” is another great example of the very popular porn making that this network uses and has to offer. Drill my hole is one of the most popular and biggest sites. With top sexy stars like Rafael and Adam in a hardcore sex scene like this, it is very easy to see why.

Men Of Uk with Paddy O’Brian And Zeb Atlas

In this latest scene, there are a few handsome and horny Men of UK guys parked in a car in an underground parking lot including Paddy O’Brian, Vinny Jones, and muscular Zeb Atlas. The three boys stumble across a voyeurs stash and realize that the guy has been spying on Paddy and there are several photos of his big cock getting sucked and all sorts of various recording and surveillance equipment wrapped in plastic bags.
The guys realize that this stalker is after something, so they stay low and wait for him to return. After a short while, they see a man approaching and confront him. As it turns out, the guy has the hots for Paddy and wants to suck him off. After making a deal that the guy will stop his spying and recording, the boys agree to give the guy what he wants. After all, the guy is really good looking, and he seems very eager to please.

The boys take the guy back to Paddy´s place and quickly strip down and a sensual three way begins with passionate kissing until the new guy grabs Paddy’s long, hard cock in his hands, drops to his knees on the carpeted floor, and strokes Paddy’s thick dick while licking its underside and slurping on his warm ball-sack. Soon Zeb Atlas gets his cock into the action and the new guy starts sucking the two guys off at the same time.
After some deep, wet cock-sucking, the new guy spits all over Zeb Atlas hard cock and begs him to screw his tight asshole while he finishes Paddy off. Atlas obliges and gets behind the new guy while he sucks Paddy’s cock from all fours on the floor and perches his ass up high to meet Zeb’s thick cock. After getting screwed long and hard deep inside his ass, the new guys moans out loud as Zeb spurts his hot, creamy cum all over the inside of his tight ass. Shortly afterwards, Paddy blows his thick, gooey load all over the new guys mouth and watches as he swallows it. The boys from the Men of UK have done it again, and the next scene will be even better. Learn more about Paddy o´Brian and watch all his porn videos – click here